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Standard Wood Frame Jade Massage Bed

Item NO : BY-H1908A
Study results showed positive effects in the overall health of

users, including improvement in pain levels, sleep, blood

pressure, digestive disorders, improved spinal alignment, better

circulation, improvements in the nervous system and better

regulated blood glucose levels

Size : 196*65*55CM

Main Body Weight : 50kg

Frame Weight : 32kg

Power : 300W

Voltage : 110V/220V

Operating Temp : 40-70℃

Weight Limited : 150kg
1. 5 roller mover up and down for back massage

2. 4 roller move up and down for leg massage

3. 5&15 ball jade handheld

4. 9 auto massage mode and 1 manual mode for option

5. with timer function, 5-90minutes optional

6. with heating functio, 20-80 celsius degree adjustable

7. with incline and decline function