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Physical Therapy Nature Jade Stone Germanium Tourmaline Sleep Face Eye Mask For Travel Office Use

Item NO : BY-H1604

Model Number:BY-H1604

Eyeshade Type:Jade Stone

Work Mode:Eye Cover

Color:Brown, Chocolate

Material:PU, Polyester, Tourmaline


Product Size:20*9CM
1. Improve microcirculation, relieve fatigue therapy eye healthy

2. Physiotherapy relax facial mask

3. Tourmaline germaniums eye mask

4. Soft, cozy fabric

5. Reduce stress, tension, calming, relaxing
(The mask features an adjustable elastic to keep the mask in place)
Jade physiotherapy is effectively remove evils of wind, cold, dampness and heat, beneficiate for headache, joint pain, numbness of limbs and other symptoms which is caused by bad cervical, bad lumbar spine, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis