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What is plantar fasciitis, what harm is there, how to prevent and alleviate, cure?

  • What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a sterile inflammation of the tendons or fascia of the plantar. The most common symptom is heel pain and discomfort, tenderness point often near the heel of the foot, sometimes more intense tenderness, and persistent existence. The pain is obvious in the morning, aggravated when walking excessively, and even when standing and resting in severe cases. Plantar fasciitis is a chronic injury caused by exercise. Overtraining can also cause pain in the calcaneus, sometimes radiating into the front of the foot. The disease can affect adults of all ages.

  • Causes

Acute or chronic injury to the plantar fascia due to the long-term effects of excessive stress, which is the main cause of pain. The most common reason is that often walk for a long time, including hiking, fitness, hiking, shopping and other activities. Walking for a few days, it is easy to cause chronic injury to the plantar, which leads to plantar fasciitis. In addition, there are structural factors that lead to the abnormal pull of plantar fascia, such as flat foot, high arch foot, heel tendon is too short, and so on. In the long run, it may cause pain in the waist, hip, knee, ankle and other parts due to improper posture when walking.

Now many women like to go shopping for a long time, and eventually they will have plantar pain, especially when they wear high heels to go shopping, which will lead to plantar fasciitis for a long time. Plantar fasciitis is the damage of plantar fasciitis caused by long-time walking, running, climbing and other sports. The symptoms are pain in the heel, and the pain is intense every time you carry a weight. The pain lasts for months or years, and the sufferer is unable to live a normal life. But as long as usually do more care, the disease can still be controlled and treated, such as massage, massage is a good method, with massage to ease the damage of fascia, promote blood circulation。

1. Massage the sole of the foot through foot massage ball, tennis ball, etc

Sit on the stool, step on the ball, roll back and forth from the heel to the front of the sole of the foot, adhere to 1-2 minutes each time, this action is very good for relieving symptoms, only need to take out a little free time every day, the effect is better after the exercise, not only with the ball, but also can be replaced by massage particles, stones, etc.

2. Plantar muscle training

Put a towel on the floor and try to hold the towel back and forth with your toes. This movement can train the plantar muscles and promote the plantar blood circulation. It can relieve the tension of plantar fascia.

3. Plantar fascia stretching

Sit on the bed or a chair, one foot on the other foot, one hand fixed heel, the other hand to pull the toes to the instep direction stretch, at the beginning of the force is light, and so on the sole to adapt to the appropriate increase in strength, so repeated 1-2 minutes, fascia stretch can ease the injury.

The above three methods have a very good effect on the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Of course, the premise of massage is not to be too tired, and to ensure sufficient rest time, so that in the early stage, it can relieve or even treat plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis must be nursed properly in the early stage.

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